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    Web Development

    Whether you need a new company website or a simple landing page for your project, we have the options for you!

    Brand Identity

    Intrested in taking your brand to the next level? By using new logos, colors and typography we can attract new customers to you.
  •  Menu styles
    • Single page: A standard 8.5" x 11" single sheet letterhead, with an option for full color or grayscale double-sided printing. Perfect for delivery and take-out services.
    • Tri-fold: A standard 8.5" x 11" sheet folded three times, offering six separate panels. Ideal for larger menus and displaying additional information like images, maps and reviews.
    • Long: A flat 3.74" x 8.27" sheet (the same size as one panel of a tri-fold menu), with an option for double-sided printing. Convenient for smaller menus, food trucks and restaurants with a more limited selection of dishes.
    Paper stocks menus
    • Standard glossy: 100 lb paper (4.5-6pt). Shiny and reflective, great for photos and vibrant colors.
    • Standard matte: 100 lb paper (4.5-6pt). Smoother appearance and more contrast for easy readability.
    • Standard Recycled: 80 lb paper (4.5-6pt). 100% post-consumer recycled paper, with a light texture.
    • Premium Glossy:  100-110 lb cover (9.5-14pt) shiny card stock, similar to a postcard.
    • Premium Matte: 100-110 lb cover (9.5-14pt) uncoated card stock, similar to an invitation.
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    Paper Weight
    • Standard: A standard 14-pt paper weight with uncoated back.
    • Premium: A medium 16-pt paper weight with silk coated back.
    • Premium Plus: A thicker, heavier 18-pt paper weight with UV glossy front and back.
    Paper stocks for postcards
    • Glossy Front Only: UV glossy front and silk coated back. Best for: photos and colorful cards.
    • Glossy Front & Back: UV glossy front and back that makes photos and colors pop.
    • Best for: photos printed on both sides.
    • Matte: Silk coated front and back that's easy to write on. Best for: colorful designs.
    • Soft touch:  Smooth, velvety matte coating, unlike any of our other stocks. Best for: bright, colorful designs.
    • Recycled: 100% recycled paper with a natural feel. Best for: bold designs with subdued colors.
    • Uncoated: Easy to write on paper stock. Best for: simple & text-based designs.
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